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Computer Aided Drafting Design

Design Process

Contact / Interview:

We can meet in person, at your property or even over the phone.   I'll ask several questions regarding your project, Budget, Time Frame, Style and Size of Home, Amenities Desired, Location, Building and Sub Contractor Contacts to get a feel for what you're looking for.  


With your wish list in hand I'll develop a Preliminary Floor Plan showing Room Titles and Sizes, a Front Elevation and a Site Plan. 

We'll meet again to review the Preliminary Plans.   We'll give you time to review the plans, make any changes/modification you desire.   

Construction Documents:

After you've approved the preliminary drawings, we'll moved on to developing the Construction Document. 

All completed Construction Documents will include (but not limited to):

  • Cover Sheet: Showing project information, Owners Contact information, Location of project, Vicinity Map, General Notes.
  • Site Plan: Showing the house on the lot it's going to built on, Utility Locations & Connections, Road, Streets, Access to the property, Building Setbacks, Proposed Roof Ridge Heights.   
  • Elevations:   1 or 2 Sheets showing Front, Rear and Side Elevations of proposed Home.   Calling out needed details, project materials & dimensions.
  • Foundation / Floor Framing Plan: Showing the Exterior Concrete Walls & Footings, Crawl Space, Interior Floor Supports, Floor Framing Layout and Materials.
  • Floor Plan(s): 1 or 2 Sheets showing all the Dimensions, Room Names / Size / Finishes, Door & Window Locations / Sizes, Notes and Materials required to accurately build your home. 
  • Roof Plan(s): 1 or 2 Sheets showing the Roof Layout, Roof Slopes, Materials for construction of the Roof(s). 
  • Sections:  2 or more Cross Sections of the house showing critical building areas (i.e. Stairs, Vaults, Cantilevered Floors, etc.).
  • Details:  Detailed drawings of particular areas of the building such as Concrete Footings & Walls, Framing Details, Site Specific Details.    
  • Optional: Electrical Layouts, Cabinet Layouts, 3D Models

Final Review:

We can meet again to review the final construction documents and answer any questions or concerns you may have.   If you have already chosen a builder, this would be a good time to have them join in the meeting.   

If you don't have a builder, I can help with some local referrals.  


I'm not done yet!  No, if needed I can also assist with:

  • Submitting your plans to your local Building Department for Plan Review / Building Permits. 
  • On Site Inspections during Construction.
  • Questions from You, the Builder, the Field Inspector.
  • Changes / Modifications during construction.